the cosplay edition

  • Jun. 24th, 2014 at 10:11 AM
thewickedlady: (sailor moon - sailor venus aaaaah!)
Hey there, internet.

I am focusing on HAPPY THINGS.

I have committed myself to my cosplay for Dragon*Con and at least one for Boston Comic Con. Then they will be in rotation FOREVER.

Black Widow is eeeeeh. I am still having a fight with the wig. It just won't get RED enough, which I figured out because it is actually a BLONDE WIG that was vat dyed. My hatred of the place I got this thing continues. I'm going to red-ify it once more this week. I have all my belts already because ahaha. I should get some plastic guns since I think I just have space guns in my bin o' cosplay weapons (yes, I have a bin). I will then need to get a new black unitard, make some Widow's bite things, and Shield logo patches, and ta da, done.

Sailor Venus is looking like one of the more expensive cosplays I've done since I have to get a lot of stuff rather than make myself. And that's with making full Mass Effect armor. >_< Got this wig in light blonde along with some add in bangs. Hoping the color works! I'm for sure doing the glue your eyebrows thing so I can paint on some blonde eyebrows that better match.

Working out with an etsy artist for the fuku since the fuck if I can make a spandex based sailor suit. I'm just not that good of a seamstress! I'll give her my measurements later in July as I finish this last round of my exercise regime. I've lost weight! Not a lot. And I can't tell if I've lost any inches on my waist, which is what I would like to happen. We'll see! Only in week 2? (pleeeeeease with the healthy!)

I'm hoping to make the Holy Sword from what I have around the house in thermal plastics and foam. Maybe a rod from home depot as the base. And shoes, ug, have to figure THAT out. Shoes that are both in character, and I can walk in for 8 hours on my gimpy leg. Fun! Trying to decide if I want to get a belt as well. I waaaaanna! Will the budget let me? (The budget says FUCK YOU to me already)

And then Bee from Bee and Puppycat. Already have a wig since I buy waaaaaaay too many wigs from ebay. I'm still trying to decide if I will get a yellow sweater and stick a bee on that or get something that is already made. Yellow crew neck sweaters in my size are actually hard to find! I keep finding v-neck or cardis. I need to put a peter pan collar on this, people!! I'll figure out this one after I close out this show. It should be a simple piece.

Why do I have such expensive hobbies? I shouldn't. But wiiiiiiigs and building stuuuuuuuuuff.

What are you dooooooing, internet? I know I don't exist on chats and haven't in years, but I do like talking with you. What is uuuuuup?

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