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  • Oct. 26th, 2014 at 12:50 PM
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Hey there, awesome yuletide writer!!

You are awesome and I'm going to love whatever you write me. Yuletide is one of my fav fic exchanges, and I love writing lots for it each year. Everything listed here are merely suggestions, so please, go crazy and have fun!

A little about me:

You can find the stuff I write here.

I really love gen fic, comedy, character studies, and slice of life stories. I am all about laughing at those every day life things that happen to us all, those mundane life details in extraordinary stories, and stories about friendships and relationships, both grudging and deep. Ensemble fic is the best thing ever! I have such a soft spot for awesome ladies and strong female friendships. I love seeing the tiny details of the differences in cultures or locations, the history of a place, all the little things only someone that really loves a place will know. I am a GIANT history nerd, and if you can ever stick in historical details, I might swoon from joy!

I also like explosions, action, kicking ass and taking names, and cursing like a sailor. If you can get an awesome character in a space suit, blowing out an airlock and blowing up a space station while thinking "all in a day's work", I might melt from the happy.

While I do love tragedy, violence, and explosions, I do not like it to be without reason. I also do not like character bashing. While AUs can be awesome, I'd rather you stick with canon, if you can!

Now, the prompts!

Sailor Moon Crystal - free on hulu

Sailor Moon was my very first fandom, and I love it to pieces. Maybe a little too much. >_>

I want whatever you want to bring me, yuletide writer! I love friendship fic! I love the more balanced relationship from the manga that the new anime is creating for Usagi and Mamoru. I love stuff set in the past, present, or future of the series. Usagi and Mamoru trying to get to know each other as people a bit more? The two of them dealing with getting to know each other while surrounded by noisy senshi friends?

I love the tragedy, star crossed-ness, and fated life of the Sailor Moon characters a wicked lot. That the princess can save herself, that not every story is going to end happily, but compassion is the thing that saves the world time and time again.

Silver Spoon - free on crunchy roll

I love my nostalgic farm anime!!

I grew up a country girl, and I just love watching Hachiken freak out and then grow as confronted with how hard farming and animal work really is. When he discovered where eggs came from made me laugh so hard.

I would love hijinks. Did the cows get loose, and now Hachiken has been conned into help herding them back before the Holstein club falls too in love? Did Tokiwa get everyone in trouble again with his big mouth?

I LOVE Tamako. Her mercenary pursuit of money is hilarious and awe inspiring. What happens with her in the future? Or hijinks between her and her brother?

I really love all the characters in this show. I would love hijinks, adventures, post-graduation, summer adventures. Even more sadness and feelings as farming is hard, especially for smaller family businesses.

Not joking when I say I love all the characters in this show! It is zany and fun and sad and I love it! I am really good with any time period you want to play with here: the first series, second, post-grad, anything! I smack people and force them to watch this show with me because I adore it so much, and I will just love any fic I can get my hands on for it.

Girls' Monthly Nozaki-kun - free on crunchyroll

I love everyone in this anime! Seriously, EVERYONE.

All the hijinks that happen every episode make me SO HAPPY. Can I have forever ensemble adventures? So many! Maybe in the theatre? Oh man, does everyone end up having to be in a play together? How many things and people break? Or are they all obsessed with a new video game? Are there more doujinshi? Oh man, does someone get a make over and is totally unrecognizable?

Give me all the hijinks!! Seriously, that is what I love about this anime. Give me slice of life: namely, everyone being crazy and doing silly things. I love it LOADS.

S. J. Tucker - The Wendy Trilogy - free to listen to on artist's website

I normally am not a huge fan of folk music, but I love the story in this song! Piratical girls, adventures, double crossings! Wendy Darling, the Red-Handed Jill, Pirate Captain and Admiral.

I want all the details. How and when did Wendy come up with her plan? Does she love being a pirate, or is it the role she feels she has to play for her plan to work? Does being an admiral in the fairy navy drive her crazy sometimes because fairies can be so flighty and changeable? Are there fairy navy adventures and hijinks? Oh man, so many options and they all sound so much fun!!

I found this fandom while going through the yuletide tags. I looked up the story in the song and just LOVED IT. Again, not normally a huge fan of folk songs like this, but I love this idea and story. I really want Wendy's thoughts and feelings here. What made her make that choice? I want to know whatever you can give me! It just sounds like such a fun thing to do yet such a huge responsibility to take on. What about her brothers? How does that factor in to her choices? Do they leave with her? Man, so many interesting ideas!!!

Aliens - 1986

Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite movies of all times. Sometimes I ask myself, "What Would Ripley Do?" when I need to solve a problem (nuke it from orbit). Honestly, I love all the characters. Such much awesome! So many giant guns and explosions!

I would love ensemble work. A missing scene when they are fighting off the aliens? Or more time on the ship before they land? Maybe even some character backstory from before the movie for anyone! I would love it!

You can see a lot of what I prefer to write about with Aliens on my ao3. I think my great affection for Mass Effect came a lot from my original love of Alien(s). :D Seriously, character studies and explosions. They are so awesome!



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