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Today is an Angry Day

  • Apr. 16th, 2013 at 11:41 AM
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I am still very, very angry from yesterday.

I'm fucking angry about the bombings. Fuck you.

I'm fucking angry about the media just making shit up. Fuck you!

I'm fucking angry about people on social media not even in Boston making shit up about other bombs on the T, at other landmarks, that the city was being evacuated, all their fucking bullshit. FUCK YOU! You were fucking terrifying us even more than we were! To the fuckhead that started the rumor about the bomb found in Harvard: FUCK YOU!!

I'm so fucking angry at media sources already saying it was all "those muslims and arabs" and we should "kill them all" before we even know anything. FUCK YOU!!!

I am so proud of my city, for taking care of friends when they were stuck and trapped downtown after the bombings. I am proud of the city coming together and striving to help wherever they could. I am proud of my city on twitter and facebook, how quick everyone on the ground was to say THIS IS NOT TRUE when things were announced as "credible sources" as bullshit.

I may not be from Boston originally. I'm a southern girl through and through, but I love this town. It's my home. It's a city that has been good to me all these years. For all that Bostonians shout FUCK THE T! FUCK THE GOVERNMENT! You know, we do love our town. I love just hopping on the T sometimes and exploring a new place I've never been, because there is always something new here. The people are hilarious and funny: if I'm a goof and need directions, you know, someone is always nice enough to give them. The musicians on the street corners and on the T are incredible. The improv groups and flash mobs you run into are so freaking awesome! We have massive pillow fights, water gun revolutionary re-enactments, and all the awesome science. I've made awesome friends just stuck waiting for another fucking green line to show up during a Red Sox game because the entire city is out to celebrate. I have always felt safe here.

I'm angrier and angrier as more information of what happened starts to trickle in and more analysis can be made. I'm just, I am angry. I'm angry, y'all. There, I said it. All of it.

I needed to get that out.



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