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I may not be the biggest BAMF in the room at any given time, but I certainly try to be in the top three.

I've been in the theatre for over twenty years as a little bit of everything. Yes, I have welded upside down from a second story set in nothing but gauzy underwear half hour before a show opened. I prefer to keep my hair purple. And I run very quickly in four inch heels.

Workin' it; whatevs, I'm fucking awesome

  • Feb. 8th, 2012 at 1:47 PM
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So, I've been on weight watchers for three weeks! After thinking about killing a) everyone, b) everyone else, c) myself for the first week because I was so very, very hungry, I am now good! In fact, better than good. :D! I'm eating better and have discovered that when I don't eat take out 3-5 times a week, I have loads more money to spend on shoes. SHOES.

Okay, honestly, I bought a lot of clothes and socks right now. Next is pretty underwear! Don't care if that is TMI, I've got pretty underthings. Therefore, I win! After that, more shoes. FOREVER SHOES. Eeeh, shoes. :D

I've lost all of 1.5lbs so far, but hey! Weight has been lost, and my weight has been staying steady. I accept! I also feel better, so I'm not gonna knock it. Things that I've figured out that I love: egg whites with spinach.

Roommate and I hit the gym once a week together, and it's been awesome! I stay on the cardio machine for an entire half hour (no stops, no slow downs!) then do strength training. I'm married to the abductor/adductor and hip flexor machines. I will open those gates again! OPEN SESAME.

I'm going to start back on my p90x later in the week. I'm going to do the Lean program this time, and see if I can survive for more than 3 weeks at a time. I WILL WIN. No p90x2 unless I can make it through a p90x (omg, there will never be p90x2, AAAAAH).

A life update? Ha, I don't have one.

I was named the official company stage manager for the radio theatre company I've done some work with over the last year. It felt nice to be validated in that way. :D It'll be nice once that starts up: no excuses, can't hermit! They'll drive me crazy, but they're good people. It'll be fun, even as I plan to kill people.

I had a little bit of mental downtime recently. I admit it: I tried to call my mom, and when I got "this number has been disconnected" message; I lost it a bit when it hit me again. I talked to her almost every day for 20 years. Sometimes, I forget. I still have thoughts like "I should totally tell Mom and Sister this."

Then, I had a bit of an attack of the mental gerbils. You know what I mean when I say that, right? You find yourself in a bit of a circle-jerk of logic: I feel left out, but if I talk to people about it, they will hate me because I'm being an ass for feeling that, so I'm not going to do anything. And circle circle, dot dot, repeat. I woke up one day and suddenly that feeling was gone. Don't you fucking hate that? NO REASON for it! And NO REASON for it to leave! Stupid brain chemistry.

I've had total dating failure lately. ;_; I am not offended by it nor do I think I am a failure. I am not unsexy nor unlovable. Just not attracting not!idiots. Or we are both awesome and not attracted to each other. I'm just annoyed, and my deep thoughts consist of "y u so hard?! D:!".

My boss continues to be Michael Scott except without any redeeming qualities. Maybe some strange amalgamation between Dwight and Michael. She might or might not be timing my bathroom breaks with an egg timer. Whatever, I'm awesome. Every time she annoys me, I wear jeans to work the next day. I'm wearing jeans a lot now! :D I plan to dye my hair purple this weekend. Best plan!

I give up. Ask me questions or for pictures!

More exercise adventures!

  • Dec. 11th, 2011 at 10:17 PM
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Another update! I continue to be mad in love with people that post their exercise routines to youtube. My abs continue to hate me, and winter doesn't want me to ever go for walks. I was still bit of a lazy ass and didn't do my push ups and triceps as much as I should have. Nor as much cardio. Gotta get on that!

Pat hooked me up with Fitocracy, and I really like it! It pleases my gamer geek as I "level up" and earn points for exercising. AW YEAH, WHO'S LEVEL 4?

It was Dr. [personal profile] varadia's birthday, so no walking that day for CAKE.
week 2, day 1: 80 tricep dips

walk 1 mile
10 min yoga
week 2, day 2: 107 crunches

I WAS LAZY. Also, it was raining something horrible, so I didn't want to walk anywhere.
Just .5m walk to the bus after work.

Same thing as Tuesday.
.5m walk to bus
week 2, day 1: 67 push ups

1.5m walk
week 2, day 3: 121 crunches

It was our holiday party at work and I can't really leave, so I took a longer walk home before getting on the bus: .8m walk. And then I went to bed!

I went crazy to try to make up for a lazy week. You'd think I'd learn not to do this shit, right? WRONG.

Walked .6m to the market and back with a gallon of milk on one shoulder and a bottle of soda on the other (THE ESSENTIALS! okay, and ice cream and bread. Essentials? :D?)

dumbell strength and cardio burn
I don't do a lot of weight training, so I've been trying to improve that. I did this at my own pace with 10lb weights, and it felt really good. My biceps feel it today, but it hasn't been that bad. I think it helps I've been doing a lot of push ups on and off for the last two months.

10min jumping jack work out
Don't let this thing fool you! It is BRUTAL. I was fine the whole time I was doing it, just cruising along with my audiobook as I jumped and shimmied. 10 minutes after I sat down, my thighs let me know I'm a bastard. Whoops!


...I got up at 2pm after staying up until 5am researching sculpting techniques for a life cast I want to do after Christmas. >_> I was proud of myself for talking a shower and putting on pants. GO ME!

Also, my thighs hate me.

I was excited when more than one of the graduate students at work grabbed me at the holiday party and said they had noticed I had been losing weight. Yoga Girl, whom I like, and my super sweet girl from Kenya both high fived me and it felt great since I don't notice it, even though I KNOW I've lost 20lbs since the summer. There is still more to go next year before I'm in my place I'd prefer to be, but I really do like my body a lot more right now than I have. I'm Christina Hendricks, not a beached whale, is what I keep telling myself.


Do more push ups and tricep dips! More strength training! YOU CAN DO IT, SELF. 5 more pounds to go before December 31st!!


  • Dec. 4th, 2011 at 12:19 AM
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I'm getting back, for serious, on the exercise train. I'm going to try to make myself be honest in more than my calendar to keep me going. I'm going to try to aim to make myself update during the weekend about the week. May be? LET'S TRY!

All this week, I've made sure to go for a walk during lunch. I walk, at least, a mile each day. Normally, it is closer to 2. Scoreboard time!

Monday: 2.5m walk

Tuesday: No walkies, I was out sick. But, still made myself do my other exercises.
week 1, day 3: 73 tricep dips
week 1, day 2: 52 push ups

Wednesday: 2m walk (...I forgot to go to the bank, started back to work, and had to go back ;_;)

Thursday: 1.5m
week 2, day 1: 92 crunches

Friday: 1m walk

Saturday: 20 cardio on the stationary bike while catching up on my anime
10 min yoga routine (I LOVE YOUTUBE)
week 1, day 3: 59 push ups

I think I'm going to try to add the yoga in a couple days a week, to see if that helps or hinders. The goal: lose the last 8 pounds to reach my yearly goal before Dec 31st. I WILL FUCKING WIN, DAMN IT.

I <3 dreamwidth

  • Apr. 13th, 2011 at 10:05 AM
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I really like dreamwidth. I think I've pretty much migrated since livejournal is always down when I try to check it the last few weeks. Damn hackers. (I love you, hackers! But why the livejournal? It's geeks and porn!)

I have broken my weight loss plateau, internet!!! There has been this number on the scale that I just could not get past, no matter how hard I worked, no matter how good I was about eating healthy. I don't know why it has made such a huge difference, but adding in 1.5m walk during lunch 4-6 days a week on top of what I've been doing FINALLY broke the plateau. :D!!!

Work is demanding, but I enjoy it. It is getting toward that end of the semester where your cool starts to slip, and you know the students can see how much you want really lose your temper at them when they say something they know is not appropriate (I have never lost my temper, but I have come close over the last few weeks) but are demanding that thing any way.

You know you are getting old when you think things like, "how did I ever make it through those years without anyone strangling me?". I'm surprised no one did that to me because I was a little shit at 17. I'm a little shit now, but I try to say "thank you for not murdering me in my sleep!" to my friends and loved ones!

Stuff and things. I am stepping up my writing. I finished an original piece, edits and all, and really shocked myself with how long it was in the end. Go me! Apparently, I love writing short stories! What a lovely thing to discover.


  • Apr. 11th, 2011 at 9:52 AM
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This weekend I walked EVERYWHERE. It was so nice out! Spring has finally come to Boston! Hello, Spring! Don't leave me again!

I have logged 13 miles in walking and biking since Weds. EXCELLENT! I may not be able to jog because of my knee and ankle, but I can still do an excellent light walk and biking.

I also totally got a bike. This bike, to be exact. It is AWESOME. My bum is rather sore today since I rode for over an hour yesterday, and I haven't been in a bike since...wow, six or seven years? :O! I poke along, but I'm happy! Now, I get to figure out how to make a bike lock work and get a helmet from a friend (that will then be spray painted SHINY, which is totally a color!).

I totally feel like a real Bostonian now. I own a bike, and I try to walk everywhere I can. This summer, I will WIN. And then I won't be a whiny shit every time I visit NYC and DC and go "can't we take the subwaaaaaay?". Also: buy this freaking carry-on roller, self! The shoulder bag plus purse combo is done. It is worth the investment, much like the bike!

I also FINALLY bought this dress that I've been pining over at Anthropologie. It was on final sale and finally back in my size. SNATCH! Come to me, my pretty!

Stuff and things! Upstairs neighbors continue to be "the orges upstairs" as one roommate calls them. They have no taken to playing music constantly, but as they have MOVED the music source, it is no longer a bother. The energy these people put into being purposefully annoying! It's kind of amazing. Also, amusing.


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