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I've been working hard at my own new years resolution: love yourself too, you idiot.

I know I'm bad about worrying and doing things to take care of the house, take care of my volunteer work, complete stuff for my job without doing something for myself. Like, taking time for myself to just read a book. Or fanfic (I <3 u filthy fanfic!). Or, just getting myself by without doing nice things for myself. You gotta do nice stuff for yourself!

Like, lotion. I got myself nice and fancy lotion, and I take the time to give myself a mini spa before bed at night, most nights. Shockingly, all my rough patches look so much better! I love my Ro's Argan body conditioner. I just use a small amount as a night lotion with my aquaphor.

I have fallen, finally, into LUSH love. It is a limited love! I can't really go into the store, but I can order things for myself to appear magically at my door! I am allowed to spend $25 a month on getting myself a bath bomb or a new melt, and that's been a good way to make myself "hey, take yourself a relaxing bath! THERE WILL BE GLITTER." I will never feel bad about my affection for glitter, no matter how much friends and internet tease me.

I fell madly, truly, deeply in love with their seasonal Rose Jam shower gel. LOVE IT. It makes me feel happy to scrub up in the shower, and it goes so well with my perfume. It is light, not to floral, hangs around a little after the shower, and brightens my morning. I'll even put some in my hair after I wash it but before conditioning so I can get hit with the smell when I flip my hair. It then had a buy one, get one free sale for new years, so I bought four more. That means I'll be good until next christmas, right? It is seasonal, but you can still get it in a gift pack online.

My favorite perfume for ages was Flower by Kenzo, but even then, not really a "perfume" person. I still don't think I am, but I rediscovered Black Phoenix Alchemy when I was last at Dragon*Con, and that has been lovely. I have got myself 3 giant oil based scents, and I'M GOOD.

My faaaaaaav is Jareth. The staff found a sample for us to try when a group of us were walking around with Goblin King [personal profile] genarti. NO REGRETS. It is subtle, clean, with a faint floral but musky. I love it.

I also got myself Fight which I adore, tho I don't think it makes me smell like death? Maybe Endless Death. It makes me happy! I like wearing it with a floral dress and boots, running around Boston.

I bought Hal blind. I liked how it was described! And it will be my last purchase, hopefully, because I love it. I don't need more! It is all jasmine, and I love jasmine and I would marry it if I could.

I know that was all STUFF that I am buying for myself. But, it means that I spend time on myself. I got a thing! That I spent my small disposable income on! I MUST USE IT, MUST NOT WASTE IT. Sometimes, stupid stuff like that helps to make me do things for myself.

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