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Rec - Sailor Moon manga

  • Apr. 8th, 2011 at 10:43 AM
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This is OLD. I kept trying to write it when the internet kept trying to explode.

Gushing about Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga re-release and feminism by [personal profile] nevermore999

This just says everything I could ever say about why I loved the Sailor Moon manga so passionately when I was younger (and still do, I fully admit).

I grew up on this manga. Yeah, when I was a wee, baby Feather, Sailor Moon was my first fandom (and when I think about how I was 12 & 13, reading and watching this as it was fresh from Japan, I freak out about being OLD). Yes, that has colored it in my heart of hearts with a certain rosy affection that will never wan. But, that manga really did incredibly influence me as a child, especially as a writer and a creative person, and I think as a leader. It really was my fundamental introduction to superheroes, to the idea of comics, to the idea that the princess can save herself, that a princess can be queen of everything, and men can find it hot when a woman can wield power.

I cultivate an image of being a tough woman. Because, as far as I'm concerned, I am. I'm a BAMF. A BAMF that loves 4 1/2 stilettos, glitter eyeshadow, and floral dresses just as much as the leather jackets, spikey accessories, and weight lifting. And do you know what taught me that being feminine can still mean you are tough, and that being feminine does not make me less badass? Sailor Moon. With all its frilly skirts, round house kicks, midriff tops, and right hooks.

It taught me that you can be beautiful and powerful; that you can be different and still have friends that are incredibly close to you. Do you know how many comics I've read that had a large, ensemble female cast that were actually friends? Yes, there were rivalries, and some friends are closer friends than others, but it never did the "she's a whore" gossip shit or Mean Girl-esque. That's still a rarity, and something that meant the world to me growing up when high school can be very hard, let alone how hard it can be as a young woman growing into yourself.

The manga was also the first place that I ever saw a lesbian couple portrayed as in love and that wasn't a bad, scandalous, dramatic thing. They were treated as a couple, no one made a big deal out of it, and they later raised a kid together (it is complicated deaging plot!). Haruka is depicted as more masculine then the other female cast, yes, but she is also very androgynous. She doesn't represent herself as cisgendered, though it is back and forth if the creator meant her to truly be transgendered. It was also terribly refreshing because while Haruka was the more masculine of the two, her partner and much more traditionally feminine, Michiru, was normally the more cut throat and in charge of the pair.

I actually disagree with the article above that the manga isn't as sexualized as the anime. It is, but is also a much more female prospective on sexuality. For example, I do not think it is a bad thing Usagi and Mamoru have sex. She is 15/16, he is 16/17. They had been together for almost a year. They continue to have sex and a much more healthy relationship than I think in the anime, where Mamoru is implied to be anywhere from 4-8 years older than Usagi and not as affectionate nor more outspokenly supportive, and also very unclear how far their relationship has gone by the time they get engaged in the end.

This is, of course, my opinion. I know myself. I am all for young people having healthy, happy sexual relationships rather than pining for each other. GO HEALTHY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS!! Let's go, orgasms!

Oh, my pretty soldiers manga. I do adore you still. I'll never stop being madly in love.



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