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I may not be the biggest BAMF in the room at any given time, but I certainly try to be in the top three.

I've been in the theatre for over twenty years as a little bit of everything. Yes, I have welded upside down from a second story set in nothing but gauzy underwear half hour before a show opened. I prefer to keep my hair purple. And I run very quickly in four inch heels.

the big make up product post!

  • Jan. 20th, 2016 at 11:33 PM
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Hey dudes! Inspired by [personal profile] lunamystic, here is me breaking down all my regular make up and face product usage and some other random special effects stuff that I use!

In this post, I talk about skin care, body care & lotion, primers, foundation, and powder. This thing got so big and so full of product, I decided to chop it up into 2 posts. Next post will be about eyeshadow, eye liner, lip color and liner, brushes & sponges, and some specialty products like false eyelashes and other things!


Heather glittery power, maaaaaake up! )

Trying out a new thing!

  • Oct. 1st, 2012 at 9:30 AM
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As my students continue to make me crazy with their sudden schedule changes, FASHION TIMES! So I don't go even more crazy.


Today, I am wearing:

A fitted v-neck in dark purple (not pictured)
high rise cord bell bottoms in deep blue (pictured)
This style necklace, silver layered pearls
open, shawl style cardi (similar)
And these Fluevogs in grey

Hair verdict: Why must my hair kink into crimps JUST AT MY SCALP but be perfect waves and smooth everywhere else? WHY? I will win this argument yet!

I'm actually looking a little period today with my giant, blue bell bottoms and giant, chunky platform heels. I'm comfortable and warm at my desk, that's what makes me happy! Also, excuse to wear my giant, chunky platforms since otherwise my feet will disappear in the pants. Awesome feet, but the so called "flare" are fucking huge bell bottoms.

I'm not sure about doing pictures. I'm always fearful of my double chip and the nastiness that can be the internet. Maybe I'll go crazy and do it tonight?


  • Apr. 11th, 2011 at 9:52 AM
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This weekend I walked EVERYWHERE. It was so nice out! Spring has finally come to Boston! Hello, Spring! Don't leave me again!

I have logged 13 miles in walking and biking since Weds. EXCELLENT! I may not be able to jog because of my knee and ankle, but I can still do an excellent light walk and biking.

I also totally got a bike. This bike, to be exact. It is AWESOME. My bum is rather sore today since I rode for over an hour yesterday, and I haven't been in a bike since...wow, six or seven years? :O! I poke along, but I'm happy! Now, I get to figure out how to make a bike lock work and get a helmet from a friend (that will then be spray painted SHINY, which is totally a color!).

I totally feel like a real Bostonian now. I own a bike, and I try to walk everywhere I can. This summer, I will WIN. And then I won't be a whiny shit every time I visit NYC and DC and go "can't we take the subwaaaaaay?". Also: buy this freaking carry-on roller, self! The shoulder bag plus purse combo is done. It is worth the investment, much like the bike!

I also FINALLY bought this dress that I've been pining over at Anthropologie. It was on final sale and finally back in my size. SNATCH! Come to me, my pretty!

Stuff and things! Upstairs neighbors continue to be "the orges upstairs" as one roommate calls them. They have no taken to playing music constantly, but as they have MOVED the music source, it is no longer a bother. The energy these people put into being purposefully annoying! It's kind of amazing. Also, amusing.


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