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I may not be the biggest BAMF in the room at any given time, but I certainly try to be in the top three.

I've been in the theatre for over twenty years as a little bit of everything. Yes, I have welded upside down from a second story set in nothing but gauzy underwear half hour before a show opened. I prefer to keep my hair purple. And I run very quickly in four inch heels.

Question Meme Answers: Dance

  • Feb. 15th, 2012 at 4:18 PM
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You thought I had forgotten about these, huh? No, I haven't! Just work exploded extra when the computer system suddenly went down and the students rose up in neurotic panics. I also have somehow managed to attract a gentleman caller. :O! He's even a genuinely nice guy! :O!! Forgive me as I send goofy emails about the internet and arrange further dates (we talk about our favorite UFC fighters, zombies, and he is both awed and intrigued by my affection for power tools and shoes).

Dance question! Dance! Something about your dancing experiences -- fun ones, painful ones, things you loved about it and things that made you want to punch walls.

Love is just a dance away )

Great question! Feel free to ask me more! :D!
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I was asked to write about what it was like when I used to be the production manager of the children's theatre. I'll try! I admit, I block a lot of it out.

I apparently had a lot of feelings on the subject! )

I'll do a post with funny stories another time to make up for the lack here!


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