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I had been thinking of going to Sweden this summer for an Alone Heather Big Travel Vkay. I never really travel on my own, at least for big travel.

When I used to work in the theatre and touring companies, travel was Big and involved Loads of People. I come from the sort of American family that family vacations included mom, dad, sister, at least one aunt or uncle, normally staying at some family member's home/vacation home, and included several cousins and a couple of friends. I am still a little bitter about the two times I visited Europe, I never got to wander around Paris because it was "too touristy", and I got to see the Eiffel Tower from my cousin's car as we drove into the French and Belgium country side. Which was lovely! But, I wanted to see some stuff in Paris?

When I was one my own for a few years in university, I would jump in my car, drive up and down the mountains with my camera. Or jump in the car to go for a sudden weekend escape. It was a little different, though. It was domestic and I could go home any time I choose at my convenience. A no car life does change that a bit!

This winter has sucked because I haven't been able to go around on my own very easily for weeks. The T wasn't working right, or was so delayed, you risked getting stuck some place for most of your evening. And after a lot of thought, as much as I still want to go to Sweden on my own (they mostly speak english there! ALSO, SO CHEAP), may be this summer, after a crazy snow and ice winter, is the time for a tour of the glacier parks.

I might just mutter darkly to myself "THE ICE NEVER MELTS" and be bitter bitter bitter at being cold, yet again.

WARMZ. I want to travel some place warm! [profile] jortha and I keep joking about Disney World, which I for sure want to do, but I have been kind of wanting to do a quieter vkay as well. Also, WARM.

I've decided! I may not make it out there this summer, but I am so going to this little Mom & Pop place out along the Big Sur area in central CA. Look at the reviews on this adorable place!!! I'm so doing it! Then renting a car and going up and down the coast a bit, like I have never gotten to do for fun. And drinking wine! So much wine. IT'LL BE GREAT!

Putting some links to myself so I can come back later to it:
14 things to remember when going to Big Sur
Big Sur lodging and tourist info

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