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Hello lovely yuletide writer!

I just want you to know in advance: I'm gonna love what you write me. You are gonna write me A THING. :O! It is going to be EXCITING.

A little about me:

You can find the stuff I write here.

I really love gen fic, comedy, character studies, and slice of life stories. I am all about laughing at those every day life things that happen to us all, those mundane life details in extraordinary stories, and stories about friendships and relationships, both grudging and deep. Ensemble fic is the best thing ever! I have such a soft spot for awesome ladies and strong female friendships. I love seeing the tiny details of the differences in cultures or locations, the history of a place, all the little things only someone that really loves a place will know. I am a GIANT history nerd, and if you can ever stick in historical details, I might swoon from joy!

I also like explosions, action, kicking ass and taking names, and cursing like a sailor. If you can get an awesome character in a space suit, blowing out an airlock and blowing up a space station while thinking "all in a day's work", I might melt from the happy.

While I do love tragedy, violence, and explosions, I do not like it to be without reason. I also do not like character bashing. While AUs can be awesome, I'd rather you stick with canon, if you can!


Jupiter Ascending

I love this film and would love anything in the spirit of it!

Jupiter jumping off buildings just cause she owns the planet? COOL.

Caine confused by all things human? AWESOME.

Advocate Bob's No Good Very Bad Robot Day? YES, PLEASE.

Captain Tsing just wants to drink her tea, why do you people keep trying to blow up the universe? COMPETENCY, AHOY!!

I've got a million of them! Check out more suggestions in my letter, but seriously, HAVE FUN.

Man, what can I even ADD here? I love this universe! I would love anything in it. Give me gen, give be ships, give be rare pair, go for it! (Tho, not too big on the genetic incest even tho Jupiter is so not anyone's mother?)

I love Captain Tsing and her crews' competency. Jupiter just being Jupiter (she's always loved dogs, you know). Jupiter's family! Man, I love them! They may be bossy and in each other's business constantly, but they take care of each other. 'Cause relatives are not chickens to be plucked!


Bob's Burgers
I love this show! All the characters, the crazy. The whole thing!

The kids are my favorites, of course, but I love the whole family. I think I love it best because they are ALWAYS still a family unit at the end of each episode. They can disagree with each other, but they still love each other. Even if they are all giant weirdos.

Gen, gen, gen! Give me kid adventures! What scheme has Louise thought up now? Did Gene drag them into another contest? Or have Bob and Jimmy Pesto, Sr. finally gotten themselves arrested over their food wars?


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
There is no murder. That's my prompt!

I want Miss Fisher, Detective Inspector Robinson, Dotty, and Hugh can find no murders today. No body, no nothing. Aunt Prudence has no one dead in her pool. Doc MacMillan has no special unsolvable poisoning on her table. Give me Miss Fisher and co. without a murder. I mean, they have to have days without murder!


Crimson Peak
Wasn't this trope-tastic?! It was fun, the sets and costume designs were beautiful, and the ghosts were dark and terrifying even when they meant the best.

I want to know what happens after Edith gets to leave Crimson Peak. What happens now? Does she go back to America? Does she keep the manor or the estate? She is what she jokingly dreamed of being: a widow.

Where does Alan play in all this? Do the ghosts follow her, even after she leaves Crimson Peak? Thomas, for all his brokenness, did love her. In his way. Does he leave his manor, finally? Or are he and Lucille locked together in their dark attic? Or, if not that, are there other, different ghosts in Edith's future? I must know more!


I don't even know where to start, yuletide writer. Are you as into this show as me?! I have to listen to each episode twice to mine all the information from it. I LOVED the first ep so much, and I have been entranced ever since.

Do you want to write up a new survivor? An excerpt from the government investigation? Are there conspiracy theory podcasts and websites outside of the Lia's documentary podcast, in universe, that are now a buzz with new info coming out after all these years? What about a 60 Minutes style investigation into the podcast itself?

I was so afraid to add this one in, so I put it last. I don't mean to be intimidating, yuletide writer! I think you could have a lot of fun with this, but no pressure since it is a super mysterious podcost still.


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