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  • Dec. 20th, 2015 at 6:39 PM
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I have seen the Star Wars.

Here are my thoughts, and once you see it, you should tell me yours!

Seriously, once Lexie and I walked out of the theater we flailed about and we both so excited for all the fanfic.

I loved it!! It was so much more like a Star Wars movie than the prequels.

I LOVED Rey, and Fin, and Poe. God, I loved Rey. I am so going to be one of those people in the trash of fandom writing OT3 fic. I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY? I need to know all the things about them. They need to go on ADVENTURES. I NEED IT! Who the fuck is Rey's parents?! Are they characters that we know? Does it matter? TELL ME. (If she is Luke's kid and it doesn't get v v v carefully explained why Luke left his kid on her own on a desert planet, I WILL BE SO MAD)

Kylo Ren, whatevs. Of course it is the Solo kid that goes bad. I just don't caaaaaare about him. Why are you obsessed with Granddad? He wasn't the most evil. He went good in the end because he figured out his whole life was waste. DON'T BE VADER, KID. Ug. Maybe we will get more info on him in future movies, but right now, I am good pushing him off a cliff. Your design was awesome, tho. Keep the damn helmet on.

I dislike the whole "planet smasher" story line. Felt too much like a throw back to New Hope. Also, they we have blown up the Senate. That sucks.

I LOVED seeing all the women and POCs all over the place!! Just doing things. Being people. That was so exciting!!

No, seriously, I loved Rey. How often does a female character get to DO what she did in live action movies? I loved her!!! I love her storyline that she is alone, very lonely, and determined to wait for her family. When she keeps saying she has to get back to Jakku, that she might have been gone too long and missed the people waiting for her... Oh, Rey. I kind of don't want her to be related to anyone now, honestly. I want her to be this random kid from some rebel that was left planet side when they had to go fight, and her parent(s) didn't survive, so here she is.

I loved Finn & Poe. I think I loved Poe too much, given his amount of screen time, but I loved them! I loved Finn's story line, his push to be a person and make his choices. John Boyega was brilliant and hilarious, and he was such an incredibly good casting choice. So was Oscar Issac as Poe. They are both such great actors! Also I love looking at them, so I was much pleased. This also applies to Daisy Ridley. She did such a good job with all the emotions and pieces of Rey. I just adore these really strong actors getting to play!!! MORE ACTINGS, GIVE TO ME.

Leia, as always, was under used. I need more Leia! It will be SO INTERESTING if they do more Kylo Ren story line where Leia is important to it. I was really interested in the line, "[Kylo Ren] He didn't stray until I let him go with Luke." She either knew that something was up with Ben Solo, or they had a really tight bond when her son was younger. I want to know more!!! This is the force story I am interested in, between a battle hardened Mom and her emotionally compromised son.

I am seeing it again with my sister. She asked me if it was all "too PC". Which, I told her no, but she is probs going to say something to me after we see it. UGGGGG. It was a wonderful start to the new series. I am excited! DON'T HASH MY SQUEE, SISTER.

More thoughts, more! Tell me yours, internet!

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