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revised exercise work out for the week!

  • Jun. 11th, 2014 at 9:12 PM
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We are revising the schedule for the week!

Day #1 (Sunday)
warm up
15 min cardio on exercise bike
JNL's No Wiggle Room work out except without dips because I don't have something I can do dips on without murdering myself.

I did one cycle with 3 lbs weights to test it out. Good choice! Not at all bad, but feel it in my arms today.

Day #2 (Monday)
I have rehearsal until 10:30pm on top of work these nights. Self, that was silly of you to think you can do exercise right after and sleep.

Instead, I walked into work, backed to T stop and back at lunch, then walked home from rehearsal. About 3.5 miles total? Little over an hour of walking time? Good job, self.

Day #3 (Tuesday)
Long day with day long interviewee. I came home and slept. Good job, team self! You did need that sleep. Anxiety dreams have been harsh on you this week.

Day #4 (Weds)
Got off work early, rested, and now exercising!

warm up
tank top arms - a different one from the first linked. I like this more; I feel it in my shoulders more, which need a lot of work.
yoga for better posture - this included a cool down, so no other cool down needed!

Day #5 (Thursday)
Since I left this off in my original plan! WHOOPS.

warm up
low impact kick boxing - my thighs both love and hate this
standing abs!
relaxing yoga/pilates with long stretches - I have extremely tight calves and hips, so most exercising for me is lots of stretching and strengthening. I can't do a lot of intense cardio, so this is my bread and butter.

Day #6 (Friday - Bonus day!)
If I can get up early in the morning, I can do this!

quiet low impact work out

Otherwise, do bedtime yoga again after D&D. Or cry myself to sleep. Unclear which yet!


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