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Random Fic Meme post

  • Aug. 3rd, 2015 at 1:46 PM
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Hey dudes!

A tumblr friend asked me to write up what is your MOST FAVORITE fic you have ever written.

I've found that, the very best stuff that I write, I don't remember writing it after I get it edited and out there. Which is awesome! Because I can then read it again months later and honestly say "oooo, this was GOOD". Sometimes, "oooooh, wtf was I thinking? I should have listened to my beta."

It's hard, since I don't write a whole lot of fic, but I think my fav stand alone fic would have to be a yuletide Haywire fic.

Ex-CIA Disney Princess Kenneth (2876 words) by wickedtrue
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haywire (2011)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Mallory Kane, Kenneth (Haywire)
Additional Tags: Girls with Guns, Gun Violence, Car Chases, Women Being Awesome

Mallory sat in a lawn chair in the middle of her father's front yard. Which meant she was sitting in a lawn chair in the middle of nowhere desert, by her dad's solar collectors.

It was almost ten in the morning, and she took another sip of white wine. It was five o'clock somewhere, as her dad liked to say.

"Here they come," her dad told her through the radio.

The security system had picked up a car making its way toward their home about an hour ago. She respected her father's paranoia. That was why she was sitting outside in a pair of practical shorts and a sports bra, wine glass in one hand, desert eagle in the other.

So much explosions! Competent Mallory all around! Writing her and her dad making jokes about "compound defense" was fun, and I could have written a whole fic of just that. It was redneck-ish and full of jarhead jokes. I loved it!

Writing action sequences is fun but also makes me laugh the whole time. I have to twist myself up and sometimes roll about. Or, for the car scenes, make a "pretend" car dash to practice how an arm would twist to go in reverse, how the driver's shoulder would twist. I love writing stuff like that! I always have a look in my head of how things should appear to the reader, and I always hope that is actually comes through.

Hardly anyone read this fic during its yuletide, which made me sad on one hand, but on the other? FUCK IT. It was fucking awesome! A++++, would write the shit out of it again!


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